Friday, May 25, 2007

The clothes (and shoes) for Summer

My little boy is 2 months old and I still can't figure out where the time went. Then again - living in 3 hour increments can make time seem irrelevant. He's sleeping much better now and he actually slept the whole night last night! It was glorious!!

We spend our days walking, talking (well I talk to him and he gurgles or throws up), visiting with friends, running errands, and napping. He naps, I try and do the 10,000 things that are on my to do list. I feel triumphant if I get one or two things done.

So I went for some retail therapy with a dear friend of mine who has a 19 month old. And for the first time in a long time, I didn't by anything for myself. I personally don't count lunch as a purchase for me. Instead, the majority of my purchases were for the little one. I was very proud of myself for buying up (IE buying what was on sale in larger sizes for next season) and finding some great bargains. It's very important to have variety, since one outfit can sometimes only last 15 minutes. Accidents happen, you know...

Here are some new photos of the boy. He had his 2 month check up today - weighing in at a whopping 12.2 pounds and 24.75 inches long!!

Check out the outfits people!

Check out my shoes!

I love to smile!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Where does it go? I used to think in to my house I now know that it goes in to my kid...

The new job goes well. Bug hunter of software...
The commute is a whole hell of a lot quicker.. = more time with the kid...

The dreaded day care search is starting.... (cue the music)
Living in our nations capital means lots of cool things to see, traffic, and day care costs that could fund some small thrid world countries...
Wait I think they all ready do.

Tivo learn love it. Your DVR is a new parents best friend. Lost? 24 these thing matter not..
Oh and Netflix because going to the movies... pffft yeah right not for a while...
Don get me wrong I am not bitter

life has just changed and well if you dont change with it you will become v bitter and angry and well that reall doesn solve anything now does it?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Growing and Growing

The little man is 6 weeks old now. Time truly does fly - especially when you currently you measure time in quantities of 3. Three hours since he ate, pee'd, pooped... you get the idea.
I'm happy to report that he is getting into a nighttime sleeping routine. He sleeps about 5 or 6 hours straight - for those currently without child -- that's considered sleeping through the night. It's quite amazing how the human body adjusts to sleep or lacktherof. I can now be fully functional on 3 hours sleep and downright diabolical on 6 :)

He's learned to smile back at you when you smile at him. It of course melts mommie's heart :)

Here are some new pictures of Ciaran. He's almost 11 pounds and is 24.5 inches long!!

I raise the pimp hand to you!

What are you looking at?

I stick my tongue out at you!