Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Minnesota Adventure part 1

So Mr. HT sister BioSmith was getting her Master's, i was probably a good time to go visit. So with the wee man in Tow we set off to the great white north. (Mrs. HT unfortunately could not come with)

So we navigated DCA and MSP without very MUCH hassle. the plane ride itself was fairly uneventful. The wee man his rock star self charmed the lady in the seat next to him before settling in to watch some Dinosaur King

Have to hand it to Minneapolis the transit was pretty easy.

We got to das MN haus quickly.
The wee man hit it right off with gopher 1 and 2.

The whole crew headed to the local park, which was only a block or so away (Bonus!)

a good time was had by all

we then headed off to E's favorite handout/study spot the May Day Cafe. (which I highly recommend. Good eats and low hassle kind of place)

more from the trip later including the trip to the MN zoo...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So is it normal that your 3 year old know more than one 4 syllable word and one 5 syllable word?

without looking it up do you know what it is??

Yeah so they are all dinosaur names but he knows what they are and can point them out.

He has made some progress in the bodily f(x) dept. as bill murray once said "baby steps dr bob"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The drama of bodily f(x)s

So I guess I should be happy that he is close. But knowing that he is close is more frustrating than if he was clueless.

SO we have turned to having him read on the throne and even watching Itunes. Just have to be patient and hope the the switch will come on and we can work towards consistency.

ALthough he has been getting peer pressure at school thanks to the other half of the dynamic duo. Iz who has mastered the throne and tells the wee man that he should too. AWESOME. If i could bribe her to do my dirty work I would... wait a second I just might...

other than that, the conversations are getting more in depth and the "Why" phase is on full throttle. Why Daddy Why Mommy.

I have to wait start to make up stuff like Calvin's dad.