Saturday, October 25, 2008

CH4 and other sundry items

For people other than my sister that is Methane. And the team has been stuck by a plethora of it much to my chargrin.

It is chilly and wet in the Metro area its been raining most of the day. If I was in ireland I would say it was a soft day for the most part. Fall is here to stay. I doubt we will get any more summer like weather for more than a day.

The wee man is having a pretty good day. 3 Hour nap. this allow the errands to be run. Public Library= awesome. We have saved significant $ on not buying new books every couple of weeks.

We got to talk to the STFU/GBTW clan yesterday for about an hour... Ah the magic of the internet and Skype

SO much for that vaunted SEC defense.
Go Mountaineers....

Can the please election happen right now... Please... So tired of all the crap from both "sides" of the election. Frustrates me that MSM doesnt even allow a 3rd view point. Because honestly there is not much difference on a lot of things. Barring 2 or 3 things [Guns, Sex, Which special interest that owns them] that differ here is the new boss same as the old boss.

Seriously considering getting in politics because of the stark lack of real choice.

Have either of the main candidates spoken about immigration, Secure VOTING MACHINES!!, spying on US citizens, the erosion of civil liberties?? nope. No granted the economic SNAFU is important but not that important.