Monday, February 26, 2007

Nursery Update

Exciting News! The curtains have arrived!! You may be reading this with general amusement and thinking - is she nuts?, but for a woman who is 9 months pregnant, the little things make all the difference.

The curtains for the nursery arrived on Friday night, which prompted a quick trip to Target on Saturday morning. After all, they couldn't stay in the plastic forever.. :-)

After a very quick installation of the curtain rods, the drapes and valance (fancy name for curtain that goes over top of curtain) are up. I'll post pictures when I get home.

Dear husband and I made a startling realization - the nursery is the only room in the house that matches! We made a concerted effort to ensure paint color, decor, and layout was coordinated and hopefully zen-like for the little boy. Stay tuned and we'll let you know!

Baby Stroller

Mrs Humanteam and I went and got the stroller of choice as researched by the Mrs.

very uber...

Except you need a freaking PHD in mechanical engineering to operate the darn thing... grrr
Directions very clear and concise but no pictures come on now people all a parent needs is something this and IKEA ie no words.

Granted the stroller is very functional it does pretty much everything that we will need.

Oh well.... life goes on...