Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Pics!

You talkin' to me? You wanna start something -- c'mon BRING IT!

Coloring is way cool! And blue crayons taste the best :)

I LOVE to read books. Especially if they have trucks, trains, or anything that moves really! I can say moo, woof, meow, and tweet really well!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Little man is becoming a virtual thesaurus.

Words and lots of them are all beginning to gel. In both languages.

Ms. HT is off on an adventure on the Left coast. It has been guys only for a couple of days.

In a rough estimate of the wee mans vocabulary we are at approx. 40 words speaking and more in comprehension.

I am not bragging, this make life easier in some instances and MUCH harder in others....

Friday, August 1, 2008

Year of the Girl

HT's friends have been populating the world with girl children this year!

Last year was obviously the "Year of the Boy," but more estrogen has found it's way in the world this year.

In order of appearance (and blog if applicable) here is the roll call:

Porter Jolie Morck (June 26) www.minimorck.blogspot.com

Sylvia Irene Kellermeyer (July 23)

Nora Helen Mulligan (July 28) http://www.larryandlaurie.com/index.html

Expected in December - Baby Girl Sakala (litter sister to Emma)

There were two boy children born and two yet to be born:

Thomas Joseph Miller (May 12) - Little brother to Alexandra
Damien Carlus Collier (May 26)

Expected in September - Toast Randolph (his big sister Keira named him - ha ha
Expected in December - Cole Twomey in Ireland (little brother to Christy)