Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big 0-2!

Wait what snow???

yeah I liked the picture this was a while ago. psych..

So the wee man had his Second birthday with much less fan fare than the first.

We had a zoo themed party with hats and beach ball and stuffed animals for the other wee folk that showed up.

So better late than never are pictures and commentary from the party.

Elephant hat went over very well.

Friends and family over (wait that's not my good side)

Oma and Opa brought a cupcake cake shaped like an elephant. It was a huge hit with both grown ups and wee folk.

And well there were enough to go around.

Uncle C helping the wee man out with all his new phat Lewt.
Its loud its shiny... do you have to ask where it came from???

Will try and figure out the video thing and post some...