Thursday, October 18, 2007

Planes, Vans, and Luggage

So we've just returned from our vacation/goodbye/Christmas in October trip to Los Angeles, California. The wee man was a perfect angel on both the outbound and inbound flights. This was especially nice to discover since the flights were about 5 hours each way. Minimal amounts of crying - usually caused by hunger or wet diapers - were handled quite easily.

In our 5 day jaunt we: visited with family, went to an amusement park, went to a neighborhood park, went out to eat, had our photos taken professionally, played the Wii, and caused general mayhem and chaos to the Smith CA household. All in all there were 13 individuals in a 4 bedroom - 2 toilet (the third was out of order), 1 shower house. 7 children and 6 adults.

There were meltdowns, crying fits, and a few time outs, but all in all - everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously.

The wee man was able to meet all of his cousins on the Smith side at once. He did great and pulled his own weight in the cuteness factor. He did have heavy shoes to fill with his older cousins. He also was able to meet his grandfather Bob and his wife Pat.

His godmother (and aunt) was able to hold him for the first time since he was 3 days old. Boy did she get a shock! :)

Here are just some candid shots from our trip. Hope you enjoy.

Stay tuned for the next Smith family reunion - September/October 2009 - Wellington, NEW ZEALAND!

Top Left: Aunt Elizabeth and Cousin Michael, (Right) Grandma and Hannah
Row 2 Left: Cousins Riley and Ryan with Ciaran, (Right)Cousin Allison with Ciaran
Row 3 Left: Cousin Hannah, (Right) Daddy and Ciaran
Row 4 Middle: Ciaran and Cousin Gregor
Bottom Left: Cousin Gregor