Wednesday, January 28, 2009

one of those things

Last night the Team is sitting down to dinner.

The wee man was having some chicken nuggets. To make sure than some he get some greens we added some dried peas to his meal.
Meal was progressing along a good pace. Until He looks at me and says "daddy nose please" So I grab a tissue because he has begun to let us know when his nose is running.
HE said it again this time a little more forceful (if that is possible)

So I look this time and lo and behold he has shoved a dried pea up his nose and is trying to get it out. So we calmly take him to the bathroom and use a Q tip to extract the offending legume. "Nose pea daddy"
we tried not to laugh and tried to explain that peas did not go up the nose.

he is getting bigger by the second and toddler hood is in full effect. Hopefully we can make it out alive.

And people have more than one??? Baffles me I tell you it baffles me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


The wee man has really become a verbal sponge. So we will soon, if not immediately have to be very very careful of what is said in front of him.

Swear jar might have to go into effect and HT will have to begin the BSG effect. Frack...

We have almost completed the transformation of the spare bedroom downstairs to a play room and the reclamation of the upstairs living room has slowly but surely begun.

We have gone to the allergist and some relief is in sight. Peanuts have come off the verboten list. Which helps alot because who doesnt like peanut butter?

So I gave him some peanuts the other night and got a hearty "Mas please" out of him. Bonus!

And milk is starting to come off the list. Still a reaction but we might be able to give him things that have been cooked and have milk as a very minor ingredient. Take the small victories where you can get them.

The allergist: let me tell you having to hold your kid down while someone sticks him. and he knows that someone is going to stick him..
very sucky moment. They have little temporal awareness they know it is going to hurt and not if it going to stop. You just gotta lie and say it is going to be alright. Which is not really a lie but sorta feels like one.

The Team is looking forward to and reading the upcoming big date here. Inauguration...
We will be fleeing the horde of people and going to Oma and Opa's While I doubt the dooom and gllom predictions that I have heard. Its a four day weekend and if you can avoid the suck why not?