Wednesday, January 28, 2009

one of those things

Last night the Team is sitting down to dinner.

The wee man was having some chicken nuggets. To make sure than some he get some greens we added some dried peas to his meal.
Meal was progressing along a good pace. Until He looks at me and says "daddy nose please" So I grab a tissue because he has begun to let us know when his nose is running.
HE said it again this time a little more forceful (if that is possible)

So I look this time and lo and behold he has shoved a dried pea up his nose and is trying to get it out. So we calmly take him to the bathroom and use a Q tip to extract the offending legume. "Nose pea daddy"
we tried not to laugh and tried to explain that peas did not go up the nose.

he is getting bigger by the second and toddler hood is in full effect. Hopefully we can make it out alive.

And people have more than one??? Baffles me I tell you it baffles me.