Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Little man is becoming a virtual thesaurus.

Words and lots of them are all beginning to gel. In both languages.

Ms. HT is off on an adventure on the Left coast. It has been guys only for a couple of days.

In a rough estimate of the wee mans vocabulary we are at approx. 40 words speaking and more in comprehension.

I am not bragging, this make life easier in some instances and MUCH harder in others....

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Gopher MPH said...

Gregor's vocabulary consists of 3 words: mama, more, nein. Particularly 'nein'. Just doesn't seem to want to talk. Every once in a while, when I ask "can you say ...", he'll try. Then nothing. There's no question of comprehension, just not talking.

Micha, on the other hand, is blossoming linguistically. German and English are starting to separate and turn into complete sentences. Pretty cool.