Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Organization. Some may call me obsessive when it comes to organization and putting things in their rightful places, but I don't care. I have been on a quest lately to make sure that our humble abode is organized before the arrival of our new little sprog. My dear husband just shakes his head and says "Yes Dear," while I find things for him to put on his "Honey to do list."

This weekend was spent in the nursery putting all of the wonderful gifts away and figuring out where everything will go in a 1950's size closet. Luckily we had already installed a closet organizer, which by the way is fabulous if you have small closets, and all we needed to do was determine what goes where. After careful consideration and deliberation, the finished product is a Type A personality's dream : - ) I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my dear son's closet is organized (at least for the moment).

I'm happy to say that the "Man Room," aka Utility Room, was also tackled by the dear husband. Now you can actually walk in the door and around the room without fear of something falling on you. Always a plus!!

Pictures of the nursery are posted. Enjoy!

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