Friday, February 16, 2007

Teeny Tiny Clothes

So last weekend my friends had a baby shower for me. I am forever grateful, because I received so many wonderful gifts, but also things I would have never thought about buying! Nevermind the thought of entering a baby superstore still terrifies me and sends me into a frenzy.

So like a good mommie to be, I dutifully washed all of the clothes in dye-free/perfume-free/no weird chemicals-free laundry detergent with no fabric softener and no dryer sheets. I may have to rethink the no dryer sheets in the winter though. I can't imagine static cling is good for a baby either...

After washing and drying the clothes, I unloaded the dryer. The first thing I thought was "Jeez - these things are tiny." Then I realized that I was starting to tear up!?!?! What in the world is wrong with me -- they are just clothes. And then I realize something... no, they aren't just clothes. These are the clothes that my unborn son will wear very soon. Whoa - what a realization!

I begin folding with my husband sitting next me as I pick each item up and say "look at this itty bitty shirt... (insert item name)." He looks at me with the "what in the world is wrong with you" look. C'mon, we ALL know that look!

As we fold, he looks at me with another puzzled look. He is confused about the number of piles of clothes I have in front of me. "What is all of this?" I, of course, have broken up the clothes into style and size. After all, should all of the newborn long sleeve onesies be separated from the 3 month long sleeve onesies? Sheesh.


stfu&gbtw said...

Hey what the hell kind of chick-flick blog is this anyway? Too much emotion. Where's the action? We need some car chases or explosions or aliens chasing exploding cars or giant robots that throw exploding car chases or something. A little excitement up in this biz-nitch. Oh, wait, it just the opening titles. There'll be plenty of excitement in Acts I, II and III I think. ;)

Emma said...

Be nice, uncle. :)