Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Whole New World

So today our little boy is 13 days old. It is amazing how fast the time has gone. I look at this little human being and cannot believe that he is mine. He's changing every day. His last visit to the Dr. told us that he is happy and healthy - almost back to birth weight.

We don't have a strict routine, but he eats, sleeps, and poops regularly :)

Here are some new pictures of Ciaran - btw its pronounced Kee Ran if you were wondering.

The Grandma's got it covered :) So does Opa (Grandpa)

Some Daddy Time...

I LOVE my bouncy seat

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STFU & GBTW said...

I eat sleep, and poop pretty regularly. Can I live with you? Can I live with you ... please?