Monday, September 10, 2007

Startin' Early

The wee man experienced his first West Virginia University football game this weekend. The "Coal Bowl" took place this weekend with the Mountaineers versus the Thundering Turds ( I mean Herd) of Marshall University. Everything was fine until we scored and everyone screamed -- the loud noise really got to the little man. He freaked out and cried, but we took him upstairs away from the crowd and he was OK.

The AC was on the fritz and Uncle C's and Aunt C's house, so the "only a diaper" ensemble was appropriate! It was really hot!!

The Mounties played horrible first half, but the second half was full of touchdowns and extra points.

Here are some pics with with wee man and some WVU alum!

We'll see if he stays up to watch the 'Eers whomp the Terps :) Let's Go Mountaineers!

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