Monday, November 12, 2007


The wee man has decided that he would like to be an overachiever... instead of having one important milestone at a time, he has decided that 2 or more is a better way to go. Oh the fun filled time has just begun!

First - he has decided to crawl. At first it was just a roll around and pull kind of crawl, but now it has turned into the the "army crawl" - on stomach and pulling with arms and legs without getting off the ground. Sometimes he does the Worm - and that's entertaining. He has recently begun getting on all fours and rocking forward and backward - I often feel like he's getting ready to just take off!

Second - he's getting teeth! His first baby tooth (bottom right front) has broken the skin and the bottom left is not far behind. The little man is quite uncomfortable and doesn't know what is going on. He's a trooper, but his calm and easy demeanor has been a little off. He's whiny (as I would be too) and can't quite figure it out. I'm hoping that subsequent teeth will be a little easier on him. He eschews teeth rings, ice, frozen washcloths and frankly anything that is supposed to relieve teething pains. Thank God for Children's Motrin!

Third, he's trying to pull himself up. If we (read Daddy or Mommy) are laying on the floor on our sides, he scoots right over to us and pulls him self up to a standing position. Yikes! My house is totally not ready for a crawling and cruising (that's the term for moving from object to object while holding on). He's also just started trying to stand up in the bath tub. This leads to a struggle to wash and contain said baby. Ever tried to hold on to a wet and squirmy 23 pound baby???

We won't even talk about how difficult changing diapers has become - he doesn't want to stay on his back - instead he likes to roll over while anyone is changing his diaper or getting him dressed. Oi vey!!

More pictures soon!

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