Monday, January 21, 2008

Almost but not quite

So the wee man is almost walking. He can take a step from Mom to dad and vice versa with just a little help.

so soon dear reader we will have good news and I will have more grey hair...

because as soon as he figures it out for himself well


the boy doesn't really know the word slow..

The wee man also took his first trip to the First City. Rode the train up to NYC. Which means he has been on a Boat, Plane, Car, Train...
We visited KVR and family. Hung out and went to the Natural History museum. The little man was asleep for most of it but really enjoyed the statues and dino bones. As any self respected kid would..

pictures and more to come

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Gopher MPH said...

Well, our little man is cruising, full speed ahead. He hardly ever crawls anymore. Is interested in apparently everything. Not surprised he like the Nat.Sci. museum. Michael loved the Smithsonian's, last time we were out there, including the dinosaurs.

New pics @, from today's post.