Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Ah the magic of TB XIV...

before the main event all the crew got together and reminisced. While the men where downstairs playing rock band. (which is crazy addictive and AWESOME game)

I hear a shout from Hambone's wife "C is walking!" I don't pause to stop because I think of course he is. As heard in a earlier post he is close to walking. One more shout and I find out that yes he is taking unassisted steps...

Whoa big deal! My bad. So he is on the cusp. He can take about 4 to 5 steps by himself and now you REALLY have to watch him.

So here are some photos from the weekend.Mrs. N helping C walk and avoid Roxy Dog

The spoils of victory the Guzzler Cup...

Starting him young
(and yes grandmas the cup was cleaned and empty)

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Gopher MPH said...

Nice pics.
Just looked at Ciaran's vital stats: at 9 months, he weighed more than Gregor did yesterday (12 mo.). Our little guy is apparently in the 35% for his weight. Of course, his head size is somewhere around the 125% (well, really 97%) -- couldn't keep *those* genes repressed!

am going to be posting some new photos to Snapfish, as soon as I have some time ... uhhhh, maybe next month? :-)