Monday, May 12, 2008


My son has it in full. Already at 13 months he is a joker and a total ham...
He likes to laugh which is awesome. As pensive as the kid is and can be he also has a giggle streak a mile wide. Now I am not sure where he gets it. I think a solid mixture of the 2 of us.
He also has an honest to goodness Dr. Evil Laugh, which I would love to claim as all from me but am unable to..

The Whole Team spent Mom's day with Oma and Opa.

Quiet weekend in the Rain. and a Well needed relaxing weekend was had by all (except for the drive home in the monsoon. Some dude in an 08 Ark cut me off trying to merge on to 270 south)

On a totally different note the Football team which I support managed what its supporters are calling the "Great Escape" Unlike WetSpam we didn't break the rules.

Any way here are some recent pictures... Of the wee man.

The standoff... Can you hear the western music in the background? Our cat trying to use his Jedi mind trick on the wee man..

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Gopher MPH said...

what a great picture. Much more dramatic than mine of Gregor riding a bumblebee.