Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ole Ole Ole

The whole Team went to the DC United Game courtesy of Aunt JM. Who happened to get the requisite tickets.

The game of the season because Mr Beckham would be playing for the LA Galaxy and a tough match was going to be had. Given the home field advantage of some of the best fans in the league I was hoping that we would pull out the win.

We got off to a slow start and I made the command decision to take public transportation fearful of the crowd b/c of the status of the game. Well we missed the first half of the game..

And you know what. I am glad. I was absurdly hot and even more so in the upper ring of seats where we had tickets.

We met up with JM and K and began watching the game. the little man was entralled by the clapping and noise after a smidge of being overwhelmed by all the people.

He enjoyed the game. we found some shade behind a camera man a good time was had all.

Random semi Celeb sighting.

Sitting way up in the upper deck.. Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Capitals. Who gets props for being polite in the sweltering heat with people calling out his name.

oh and the game.. Yeah we smoked em.. 4-1 lots of good passing

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Gopher MPH said...

We saw the score in the ticker during the Germany:Spain match. We thought of you & figured you'd be happy. At least you were, because we weren't.