Monday, November 17, 2008


HT football team lost 2-1

unfortunately we had people show up late to the game. Thus I had to start out at left winger instead of between the posts as normal.

one of our lovely ladies deputized as GK got caught on the second goal. not bragging I would have got it. (being over a foot taller) Oh and the 35 mph wind made the game tough in the first half. after the second goal I went back into goal for the rest of the game.

Switched field and I got real bored as the jokerswild pressed home the advantage and control most of the run of play in the second half. Several shots on goal vast majority of the possession. I one time i was almost at the half way line. With the exception of 2 really good shots on goal the rest of the time was directing traffic and booting the snot of the ball into the opposing half. If I had a stronger leg I would have tried for a shot on goal (given the wind)

Oh well we did want to promote in to the next higher league anyway.

oh and Google
is awesome the whole team is able to keep in touch.

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