Saturday, December 6, 2008

Argh....Toddler Germs Suck!

Why is it that when a kid gets sick and then passes it on to an adult it's always worse than what the kid had? Wee man had a stomach virus that Oma MB unfortunately caught (HT and Mrs. HT luckily skirted the virus valiantly). Said stomach virus dissipated, but his weakened immune system allowed for a cold to sneak in. Mrs. HT took the little guy to the Dr. on Thursday when the "barking" began. Yes, the poor kid sounds like he's barking when he coughs. We haven't mastered how to blow our nose yet, so it is a constant struggle to overcome the runny nose. So Mommie now has the cold and feels like crap. Hopefully it will go quickly and we can resume a healthy house!

On a side note - It SNOWED today. Only a little bit, but it's really starting to feel like winter.

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Gopher MPH said...

Snow? We're supposed to get another 1-3" tonight. What we got yesterday (1.5") was perfect skiing snow.

Kids give you the nastier bugs, in order to make you demonstrate your parental love for them: afterall, you've got to keep feeding/changing them no matter how sick you are, and their little immune systems are now resistant to whatever it was they gave you.

As Jr.Gopher #1 put it: Sharing is good. Germs are not for sharing.