Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The wee man has had many "trimmings" of the hair since he was about a year old. A couple of weeks ago we took him to a kiddie hair cutting establishment to get a little more detailed trip to shape up his mop of curls. While the woman was "trimming", I realized that she had "trimmed" a whole lot more than I had anticipated. Initially I was seething and had to leave, because I LOVE my son's blond curls. I won't even go into the amount of money I spent growing up trying to achieve just such curls.. but I digress. So after Mr. Human Team pays the lady and the wee man comes bounding out totally unawares of what has transpired, I calmed down a bit. I did have to admit that his hair CUT was cute and that it suited his face and his personality just right.

So fast forward to last night. Mr. Human Team was working late so the wee man and I were off for an adventure. We dropped our nanny off at the metro and headed over to the strip mall for some milk. I realized that my dear son need another "trim" and so I went into the kiddie hair cutting place and looked for the woman who cut his hair before. She was there and he climbed right up on the chair and sat down. She starts cutting, but this time I'm prepared and totally OK with it. His hair grows so fast that it'll be like he never had a hair cut in about 2 weeks. It's super thick and wavy so it's very easy to take care of when it's given some sort of balance. When all was said and done... the wee man has a whole new look. I think he looks super adorable and totally little boy material. Yes, I'm talking to those people who ask me how old my little "girl" is when he is obviously dressed in head to toe "Cars" apparel and playing with a Tonka Truck. There is no mistaking... he's all boy :) Enjoy!


Gopher MPH said...

wow-- I noticed he had really thick hair, but this really drives home the image. What a change in just one hair cut. Sooooo cute.

It was great seeing you all Sunday. Jr.Gopher #1 was p.o.-ed about not seeing his cousin. Of course, he was distracted by the zoo "the gorilla's butt was sooooo big!" [imagine 4 year old's arms out-flung with a look of amazement].

Serafina said...

He is incredibly cute! Did you save a lock of hair from his first cut? Delia was adamant about that when she was little. I found it recently while I was unpacking boxes, a perfect little lemon blonde curl. Gosh, but they do grow up fast!