Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Morning Vietnam!!!!!!!

So I said we would be back a while ago....

Yeah well sorry..

So time to catch up....
The wee man has been on fast forward..

Fall has arrived...

We went picking apples at a local farm.

Good times awesome weather.
We met some real animals

lots of fun. and we somehow managed to pick about 25 lbs of apples...

C. had a Halloween party at his school.

The wee man dressed up as a dinosaur for Halloween. (Roar!!!!!)

Mrs. HT and I went. It was fun and loud.
OMG loud eighteen 2 year olds hyped on sugar. Oi.

And we got to met his special friend and her parents. Lil Ms. I.

Aunt J. stopped by and we pondered being a cowboy.
Even though we only went to 3 houses. after the third house he looked at me and said "I all done daddy. I have Candy!"

I laughed and we sat on the steps and handed out candy to the trick or treaters. Well I handed out candy and the wee man tried to eat all the lollipops that he got in his bag.

Time is running close as the trip to the North and South island draws close

A good news of good news wee man is going potty with some regularity like a big boy. (Yeah!)

And he has taken a shine to a particular sport... Sigh.....

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Gopher MPH said...

The photo of you walking in the apple orchard is eerily similar to one I have of Gregor ...

And, re: sports:

WTF, Bro' ... didn't you give him a *real* football? (the spherical kind?) What do you expect if the only spherical sports balls that are mostly white are the kind 3" diameter?