Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Great Family Adventure

Ok, so we may be insane, but in 2 days time we will be traversing the globe.

We will leave our homestead in Rockville, Maryland (located convieniently at Latitude 39° 5' 2" Longitude -77° 9' 9") and first go to Los Angeles (located at Latitude 34° 3' 8" Longitude -118° 14' 37") and then on to Wellington, New Zealand (Latitude -41° 18' 0" Longitude 174° 46' 59").

Our total travel distance will be 8,760 miles or 14,096 kilometers for you down under and everywhere else in the world! Let's recap, shall we? One plane ride on Friday to Los Angeles - thankfully non stop - is 5 hours and 55 minutes give or take the 15 hours it may take us to get through security at BWI. One overnight stay in Long Beach (yeah BOYEE!) with wonderful Tante Bine. One plane ride on Saturday to Auckland, New Zealand departing around bed time for the wee man (PLEASE GOD LET HIM SLEEP) is 12 hours and 55 minutes. A quick deplaning in Auckland, head through Customs and catch yet another plane to Wellington (a measly hour flight, but driving takes 8 hours!). Total flying time on Friday and Saturday combined... drumroll please... 19 hours and change.

Yes sports fans - you read that right! 19 hours and change with a toddler. Should be a great adventure ;). I may need to be committed upon landing, but dammit I'm going on vacation!

We'll make sure to post our experiences along the way.

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Gopher MPH said...

I remember the joys of 18 hours from Lansing -> Wellington.

Don't worry - he'll collapse out of sheer exhaustion. At a completely inconvenient time for you.

En route to Deutschland a few years ago, we went via Iceland Air. Through Rekjavik. In air just long enough - with a lap ticket - to get to sleep as we started our decent. Everyone off! Then trying to get him back to sleep when in the air again. I (and probably Mr.Gopher) got absolutely NO sleep on the trip. Never again. Well, unless the air fare is a LOT cheaper.

Last time we went to Germany, the plane (an ordinary trans-oceanic thing, and NOT the monster Air New Zealand plane we took last time) had built-in personal video screens. Michael watched movies for quite a while. Our portable DVD player had died, so we were very thankful for this lovely feature.

Don't forget ... the free alcohol you get can be slipped into his apple juice to facilitate parental tranquility. :-)