Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Downtown Wellington

Yesterday was beautiful. It was in the 70's with lots of sun and a light breeze. We decided to go visit Kevin's work and go for lunch at a weird combo pub called The Cutting Sports Bar (Thai Takeaway and Bar Food).

We went to the Wellington Botanical Gardens and walked around and saw some beautiful flowers and trees. The kids had an awesome time at the playground. The wee man got to ride his first zip line and loved it. We walked to the top of the gardens and had an amazing view of Wellington Harbor. Then we rode the cable car to downtown Wellington and walked around a bit.

We went to visit the kids school and then had a quick jaunt to the Oriental Parade. Home to 7 Inverell Way for fabulous Fish n Chips and Cider. A fun time was had for all last night. The wee man loves visiting his cousins and hanging out. We are going to see Avatar tomorrow afternoon and then going to a real restaurant without a kids menu. Yay! :)

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Work is wetafx.co.nz.