Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stubborn.... where'd he get that?

So yesterday marked the beginning of week 38. Spring is in the air at least until tomorrow. Today 75, tomorrow 35. Don't we all love the ides of March. Flowers are poking their heads out of the ground, the birds are chirping, and my dear son does not want to see his new world...

Went to the lovely Dr. this morning with DH. Weight and blood pressure check all fine. Baby's heartbeat and measurement all fine. And the moment of truth -- the exam-- nothing. No change from last week. He hasn't dropped down. He's quite comfortable and cozy in the land of mom.

The only saving grace is that my Dr. has put me on the induction schedule for April 5th. What a lovely birthday present! That is 8 days AFTER my due date - instead of the usual 12-14 days that they usually wait. She didn't want me to suffer any more with the swelling, because I'm sure by then I'll be miserably swollen.

Dear Dr. said feels that there is only about a 30% chance that he'd come near my due date on his own. She thinks he'll need a little coaxing. Imagine that - stubborn already.

Oh well. We'll just have to wait and see. Tomorrow is a new day :)

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