Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Waiting Game

OK, so here's the deal... I'm 9.5 months pregnant. To the normal person that doesn't seem soo bad. However, if you are 9.5 months pregnant - it's a big freaking deal.

First of all, my doctor's appointments are weekly - yes I said weekly. So not only do I have to rearrange my work and home schedules, but I also get poked and prodded even more.

Second, everything is starting to ache. I haven't seen my feet in months, but now I know they hurt. They are swollen and don't even remotely resemble the feet I knew 9 months ago. My Dr. informed me that the only way to relieve some of the swelling is to lie flat - not exactly the most effective for a working professional.

Third, I'm tired. Tired of getting up to pee 4 times a night. Tired of not getting a full night's sleep, because if I'm not pee'ing, I'm staring at the darkness for no reason. Gone are the days when I slept a full 8 hours uninterrupted. Oh well, I guess it's nature's way of preparing me for what is about to come.

And finally - I want the baby out! I have 21 days until my due date and they can't come fast enough. Please don't misunderstand -- I love the kicks, nudges, and hiccups that I feel every day from my son, but I am tired of being pregnant. My shoes and clothes no longer fit properly and my body is starting to resist. My Dr. said yesterday that there is still some time to go - he's not ready to come out yet.... All I can say is - poor husband.

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