Monday, August 27, 2007

5 Month Update

Today, the little man is 4.99 months old. He will officially turn 5 months old tomorrow at 9:54 pm. (Just to be precise).

We went to the Dr. for some more shots on Friday. I decided to space out the shots instead of doing them once every couple of months. This allows the little one to not be so overwhelmed with all of the shots that he has to have these days, but it also gives me some piece of mind - I get to see the Nurse Practicioner or the Dr. too! Being my usual over obsessed self, I'm worried about weight, height, health, poop, and his sensitive skin.

So the poop front I think has resolved itself. He's been on a new formula - Good Start Soy - for about 2 weeks and doing great. Did I mention that I'm feeding him the premixed liquid stuff and it's still cheaper than the hypo-allergenic powder that I was buying previously? I'm loving that! He's eating (and sometimes drinking) his prunes everyday and still enjoying them, so I can't complain.

We both came to an agreement that he just has sensitive skin with some eczema mixed in for good measure. Although the allergist is convinced that he's allergic to cats, my Dr. is not so sure. The kitties are still in kitty prison in the basement, but they may not have to stay there forever.

Everything else is good with him. He's 28 inches long and 19.6 pounds. Yes, you read that right - just shy of 20 pounds and he's just 5 months. At first I was worried that he was a little pudgy, but that's just it - he's not. He's already in 6-9 month clothing, but he's so tall that the 3-6 month clothes are too short. He's a big little guy :)

He currently enjoys rolling over, drooling, and putting everything in his mouth. Lately, he's been making these high pitched screams for what it seems like hours on end - usually resulting in him throwing up... oh the joys :)

We are going to Oma and Opa's house on Friday with Grandma Mary Beth. It should be a fun and hopefully relaxing weekend! Stay tuned for more!

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