Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MMMMM... Food

So the little man had his first taste of real food. His first meal consisted of mashed bananas. We then moved on to rice cereal, which proved disastrous, as it caused a massive stoppage of the lower GI. Ewwwwww.

We are off the rice for now - instead we are eating (and drinking) prunes. Your Spanish words for the day : cireula pasa (prunes)

He's got the "moving food from front to back" down and doesn't really spit it out - unless of course he doesn't want any more. We go to the Dr. on Friday for shots and a check up. I'm betting on the 20 pound mark for him - jeez!

Here are some amusing pictures of the "eating" process. Note the many different bibs used in the pictures! :)

Here are some interaction shot with friends:

Ciaran Meet Tiernan (Age 1), Tiernan Meet Ciaran

Ciaran and Emily (5 months)

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