Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy couple of Weeks

Its been pretty busy round the HT house.

Mrs HT is working on this year's BIG project. A good friend at work had a close brush with the big C which hopefully is working itself out.

I went to the Skins and Aints with JEM another Saints fan courtesy of one of guys that works for me. Very good seats very ugly game. Saints Lost 29 -24. Even if the Saints would have won it still would have been terrible. Pretty Lousy weekend for my fandom. Saints, WVU and FFC all lost.

My soccer season has started for the fall but I have not had a chance to play yet. Said football game and vacation but I will be up for the rest of the season hopefully we can make the playoffs again this year as we got relegated last season.

Good news thou

So the whole team went on Vacation to the beach. Pictures included.

We went to Great Gert's House and relaxed with limited interruption of work. My mom made the trip down to the beach to see her grandson. He promptly dubbed her Oma which is what he calls Mrs. HTs mom so all the grandmas are Oma. Much easier than remembering more than one thing for him I am sure. They worked on art projects and had lots of fun at the beach and the playground.

We also made the trip up to NYC to see KVR and Family.


no the Team does not have a new addition. That is IAR and he is the new addition to KVR's family.

oh the the wee man got a new shiny gadget. which ought to be entertaining for future posts.

And i am adding this one because I think it is a cool picture.

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Gopher MPH said...

You're right. The last one is a cool picture.

I'm glad you all had fun @ LBI. What is that thing in the back yard? Wow. Cool jungle gym.

We don't have an ocean, but we do have at least 4 lakes within easy biking distance.

Yup, saw the score for WVU. Major suckage. So much for trying a repeat run for the national championship. Unless every other major school totally bombs several games.