Friday, October 3, 2008

To be 13 again...

Mommy had a girls night out last night and was able to see a band that she was "like totally in love with, like totally" for much of her pre-teen and teen years. Yes, I went to a New Kids on the Block Concert last night at the Phone Booth in DC. I was pleasantly surprised with the show and had a great time with JM and SM. The lights went down and we were 13 again. It was hilarious to see women my age and older screaming and singing along to the old stuff. They did play stuff from their new album, which btw isn't terrible, but the old stuff just brought back great memories. I still remember my father dropping me off at the Festhalle in downtown Frankfurt, Germany for my first, second, and yes third NKOTB concert.

Our seats were nice - 25 rows from the stage (yes, it's amazing how having a job that pays more than 3 bucks an hour (minimum wage when I was a kid) can buy you good seats. We had a wild surprise when about half way through the show we were about 30 feet from the "kids" as they performed a couple of songs on a raised stage with a piano. We sang along to the old school and new school of the Block... and marveled/admired the "Grown Men" before us on stage. They grew up quite nicely :) Video to come soon if I can figure out how to upload it in correct format :) Love camera phones.

Here's Joey crooning "Please Don't Go Girl"

Here's Jordan and Donnie singing "I'll Be Loving You Forever". Note how close we are! :)

Here's something from You Tube (not my recording)


Mrs. in May said...

Did they play my favorite, lesser known hit- CoverGirl?
I still seriouslt HEART some Donnie Wahlberg.

Emma said...

They did in fact play CoverGirl... and Donnie did a guitar solo :)

I HEART Jonathan :)