Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday, the Smith family had a trying day to say the least. Although we weren't directly involved in this, I was on the train behind it. I was running late and thankfully caught the next train at 4:45pm. Shoulda, coulda, woulda....

Here's the deal - Sean and I both work in downtown DC. Ciaran's daycare is in Olney, MD about 14 miles from work and 2 miles from home. It's a great system, because Sean does the drop off in the morning and I pick up in the evening. I'm usually out the door of the office at 4:30 and there by 5:30. We take public transportation and it's usually faster than driving, except for yesterday.

While staring at my watch wondering when the stupid train is going to start moving again, the conductor comes over the loudspeaker and explains what happened right in front of us. I happened to be talking to my mother on the phone and she immediately turned on CNN to see what was going on. I am grateful that I was unable to see anything ahead of us. So I then go into crisis mode - after all the wee man still has to be picked up and I have no idea how long I'm going to be stuck on the train. His school closes at 6:30 sharp. I call Katy to see if she can go get him - she is unfortunatly not home, but she says to call her husband Petey. Petey is BMOC and is the Chief of Police muckety muck for a certain important installation in DC/VA. Petey hops in his car, drives to Chinatown to pick up Sean and they both head to Glenmont to pick up the car. Of course it's rush hour and traffic is quadrupled because of the accidents. Sean makes it to Glenmont and then picks up C at 6:40. The lovely ladies at C's school were wonderfully understanding. I'm thankful everyday that he goes there.

I finally got home at 8:15 pm after being on a train, a bus, another train, and another bus. I am thankful and glad that I was late. To top it off, I came home to hear Ciaran say "IIIII WOVVVE YOUUU, MOMMY" over and over again (translation, I love you mommy".)

That's exactly what I needed!

Big ol Props to Uncle Petey and Aunt Katy for being on Red Alert.

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Gopher MPH said...

Definitely the thing to make you feel better.

I'm glad you're all o.k.