Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Parent of the Year... NOT ME

So.... Yeah...
Drive home from Oma and Opa's. Left late to avoid the Holiday Traffic smooth sailing on the way home.. Little to no traffic the whole Team pushes on through without stopping.

Pull into the ol home stead. Mrs. Humanteam goes into the house to get the wee man's bed ready.

I get out of the car to get the wee man. Pulled his door handle locked. Open the Mrs. Door push the button and open his door shut the other door..

F. F'ing F.

Just locked my kid in the car. FML.

Ok dont panic. Wait for the Mrs. to come out the house. Give her the bad news.
Ponder whether or not put my 4lb sledgehammer through the window.

Mrs HT wakes up our next door neighbor the Chief. Who unfortunately does not have his tools in his car. We try "slim Jim" the door, unfortunately in 09 that doesnt really work all that well with out the proper implements.

The wee man finally had enough and started to melt down due to the fact that he could see his milk but not reach it.

So about 20 mins later (Mrs. HT called roadside assistance) the Tow truck shows up. Which makes the wee man happy.

Takes him about 2 minutes to open the car.


Go me...


Serafina said...

Hey, at least you just locked him in the car and didn't slam his fingers in the door or something painful.

Just you wait till he locks himself in the car! Now that's annoying!

Gopher MPH said...

well, there was that fellow up here who got arrested for leaving his 4 year old kid locked in the car in the parking lot of a casino at 8 or 9 p.m., and then went in to gamble. Some other patron found the kid wandering around with no coat - did I mention this was December and the temperature was in single digits? Needless to say, Loser Dad didn't get the kid before being arrested and sent to jail for the night. A whole different kind of gambling behind bars ...

I'm glad it got taken care of. It's only funny because it's not me.


STFU \& GBTW said...

Been there, done that.